Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Octopus Carousel and Dragonfly Inchies

One of my internet buddies has been having a rough time of late, so I decided I should create a little something to bring a smile to her face.

And what better than a ride on an octopus?

In other news, I've been doing some inchies. Alas, I kinda suck at such a small scale and out of about 8-9 efforts, these are the only 5 that were marginally succesful:

Luckily inchies only take about 10 minutes to dabble up, so there's not too much time lost! Talking of "Lost" - that's what I was watching whilst I was drawing. Four of these are dragonflies and one is a nymph. I would like to do some head close-ups but I think some further references will be required afore I can engage in that!


Marionette said...

Wow! These are so beautiful! I especially like the "inchies". I've never heard of them before. What a concept. You are a very talented artist!

Aloha from Kauai,

LemurKat said...

Thank you,

Inchies are, as you may have guessed, one inch by one inch in size. Which makes them quite fiddly to make! There aer also Rinchies, which are round and twinchies which measure 2x2 inches (and are thus easier to draw on). We trade them and when I have a decent set of dragonflies, I intend to design a postcard-style backing for them.

I really must try and draw some of these tropical flowers I photographed in Hawaii, they really are magnificant. Your watercolours of them are beautiful and I shall be watching your Etsy until I see something I need to add to my album ^^