Friday, May 15, 2009

Lovely art, but you can't see it ^^

I've finished up the second part of my Secret Santa "small" package. Alas, because the recepient could stumble upon this blog and the picture is very definitely for her (it has her name on it, for goodness sake!), I can't share it.

But it's cute, very cute. I've been designing altered cds recently. Using a similar technique to my early Character Trading Cards. Firstly I draw a head and shoulders portrait onto my sketch paper and then I colour it, cut it out and mount it on card. Then I cover the cd with a piece of printed scrapbook paper, cut to size (and stuck on with double-sided tape cos nothing else will stick to cds, except maybe superglue which I won't go near) and stick the card-mounted character onto that. This gives a neat 3d effect that also has bits sticking over the edges.

I'll be able to show these off at the end of June, so if you are interested in acquiring one, please let me know. For now all you're getting is a sneak preview.

I also have a grand idea on how to display my inchies.

Today I also went in search for goodies to add to the Secret Surprise parcels. Alas, no NZ bookmarks to be found. We had some neat ones at work but with the refurbishment we're not quite sure where they've got to. Consequently, I am thinking of making my own. I did manage to purchase some cute pencils though, and I have some starburst candy. Add a couple of chocolate somethings, a bookmark and a few other goodies (I shall see what I can find) and they're good to go.

Also, a customer today was urging me to finish my story because she seems to think (Without having read it, or knowing its plot or anything about it, even its name) that getting published is easy. Her daughter is writing a book. Inspired by "Twilight". In a similar style. I dread to think. Have given her my email address in the hope I might get to read it, as I love critiqueing work even if some people won't talk to me now...

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