Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Low Art Day

Not a great deal has come out of my pens today - or yesterday for that matter. I have been too frustrated trying to draw someone's cat character correctly (third attempt and I think I've suceeded).

Anyhow, here's two more of the "In the Style" of cards.

The first is Luvloz. She was a bit of a trickyone because her style is more realistic and she does not tend to delve into recurring stylisms - like my suns or Adriayna's swirly trees. After poking through her archives, sending her an email and poring over the cards I own of hers, I decided to try more to capture her colouring style than her actual artistic style. So here we have Astaria with a Vasa Parrot. She uses watercolour pencils, and thus so have I. The bird feather details were somewhat copied from a picture of a rosella in her archive. The 3/4 profile to the piece was suggested by her, however she tends to draw human subjects. I am not so fond of drawing random humans - they need to be specific characters or what not. Also, I kinda suck at them. Also, whilst she comments that her backgrounds tend to be coloured gradients, they actually have better detail than I provided here, at least some of the time!

The second is Katilady. Her gallery shows lots of head/shoulder pieces with long necks and large eyes. She has a tendency to hide the hands (many artists are guilty of this, hands are hard to draw) along with plain colour backgrounds and often text. My art actually looks very little like hers, but that's cos I suck at people. Anyhow, it's based on a photograph of her and the more I look at it the less I like it, so I might attempt it again.

Okay, so I decided to attempt it again:
What do you think? Better? Worse? Who cares? Let me know!

So, all up, not a very productive two days.

Here's the last artist I need to try and replicate the style of: Crafter
If anyone can offer me suggestions on how I can do that, please do! She's good at landscapes - but I'm not sure I could even try that (my landscapes look very dinstinctly like MY landscapes) and most of her pieces seem to be beautiful realism, without recurant features.


Lauren T said...

I can appreciate my card so much more after reading your description here. I think you totally nailed my colouring technique. :)

katilady said...

I love the bird skull necklace!