Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mutant Iguana and a pretty bird

For my trade with Donna Quinn. She resides in deviantart and is an extremely talented artist - which makes me wonder why she is willing to trade with me but I am very grateful that she is. To check out her stuff -

Anyhow, like UrsulaV she has a slightly twisted sense of humour and I was trying to come up with something interesting to entertain her.

Her first request was for a "bush bird". Now, for those of you not ornithologically minded, what springs to mind when you hear those two words are the small, innocuous and more-or-less relatively dull birds you see in the woodland. Sparrows, for example, or silvereyes. She mentioned being enthralled by thornbills in her garden, so I decided to draw one of them:
Possibly not the most scintillating of birds - it's not gaudy not weird, but it is rather cute.

Then I thought I might draw an iguana, since I had a neat photograph of one I'd taken in Panewa Zoo.

Somehow it mutated into this:

This is what Hemlock would look like, were I to draw him more realistically and less toonish. What do you think?

For the third one, I might print out one of these characters and colour him in:

They're both gnomes.

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