Friday, March 2, 2012

Humans, take two

Recently I hosted a "Reading Group" swap for which I decided to draw portraits of various characters. Alas, some of my efforts were a little disappointing:
Especially when compared with the wonderful stuff the other participants came up with.

So, I decided at the last minute to draw different cards.

For "Name of the Wind" I chose to draw Auri. Now, there is no real description of her in the books, save that she is somewhat fey, has wispy hair and tattered clothes and lives in the hidden places under the university, coming out at night to have picnics on the rooftops with Kvothe. No hair or eye colour that I know of.

So, I basically followed my instincts here:

I'm sending Meran both cards (this and the Kvothe one I posted earlier)

And then I decided to draw Captain Hook again for the "Peter Pan" card:

And the other Hook goes in my "reject" pile.

And here's another I drew earlier of Jonas and Gabriel from "The Giver".
Bicycles are hard to draw!

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