Monday, March 19, 2012

Speculative Zoology #3: Horse

After the fall of human civilization, their animals were left to run feral. Many perished - trapped in pastures that were too small to sustain them for any length of time and lacking the ability to escape, they starved before the fences fell. But not all were doomed. Some escaped to populate the fields and back into the woodlands, now wild once more. And amongst the ruins of the fallen cities, a few small herds of feral horses made their home. Dining on the weeds that poked their way through the concrete, over time they became stunted and nimble - able to dash into narrow crevices to hide from the feral dogs that also frequented the area. They scrambled like goats over the broken buildings and took on a nocturnal existence.

The pygmy pony measures less than 10 hands, with the average being 6 (around 60 cm). They are nimble and sure-footed, leaping over the rubble and ducking into the hollow husks of buildings. They live in small herds, with one or two members keeping watch while the rest of the herd naps - generally atop hills of rubble. Aside from weeds, they will eat any plant matter they find; including berries, twigs, flowers, leaves and shoots. At night they navigate across the rubble strewn landscape, calling to one another in high-pitched, whinying squeals. They travel between parks and gardens, filling their bellies.

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