Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Blue Oliver" cover - WIP

I received this commission a couple of days ago, from a lovely lady up in the North Island by the name of "Angela Smith". Of course, the moment I realised we had the same name, I felt a kinship with her - all the more when I discovered that her main character (the boy, not the owl) is called Oliver.

Perhaps it was a sign?

Anyhow, because the deadline was pretty short (before the end of the month) and I had almost finished part one of Locke's piece and am still lacking motivation/inspiration about part two, I got started on it quick-smart.

Here's the lineart. The words are added in for demonstrative purposes, and are not actually part of the image (yet) if they are required, I shall add them in once the piece is coloured, and I'll probably put the tree behind the words and the owl in front, not them both in front - as it blocks too much of the E and R.

I hope she likes it! I'm always a bit nervous when money is involved.

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