Monday, March 19, 2012

Speculative Zoology #4: Rat

After the human race fell, their most constant - unwanted - companions rose to fill their place. The population of rats and mice exploding, fueled by the rotting food. Their numbers swelled to record sizes, and then descended again just as abruptly as they ran out of food.

Except for the cannibals.

The cannibal rats flourished, hunting the mice. Only the largest and the strongest and the most fierce survived - a hybrid of domestic and sewer rat, each subsequent generation was bigger and stronger than the last until finally the panthrat was born. Approximately the same size as a large house cat, this long legged, fast running rat is a capable predator. Nimble at scrambling up fallen buildings, burrowing through small gaps and equipped with powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth. Its tail has become thicker and is used to balance as he scrambles across branches and broken pipes and also as a rudder to help in making swift turns and keep it balanced as it reaches great speeds.

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