Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Locke and her mongoose

8x8 journal page for the artist known as Locke, of her character, Locke. Now, Locke has an interesting history that I shall not go into, except to say that I have no idea if I coloured her tail the right colour and the mongoose is mainly here because Locke, the artist, designed this rather cute critter and I wanted to include it. Also, after drawing the sketchwork I realised that Locke looked rather young, but I was too happy with how she looked to change that, and decided that this is young Locke, playing with her weapon, which my husband says looks like a klingon weapon. I have no idea, but it was one of the sample images that Locke (the artist) showed me.

Anyhow, observe, my plan to draw more humans.
Because practise makes better...

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