Monday, March 26, 2012

Speculative Zoology #10: Pig

Pigs are true survivors. They are omnivorous and intelligent, strong enough to face down most foes and hardy in most situations. When humanity failed, the pigs flourished. They broke down their pens, destroyed crops and even ate corpses on occasion. They spread throughout the countryside. And they changed too. The northern grizzly boar grew to immense size, with some males growing as large as a small car. Their white mane of fur, covering them from forehead to tail, provides camouflage against the snow in winter. Not that many predators would risk taking on something with such long and deadly tusks and equally powerful hooves. Their only known predator is the bearwolf, which targets piglets that become separated from their mother, or older or injured individuals. The grizzly boar will eat almost anything that it can, and is quite capable of disembowling an inexperienced bearwolf with its tusks.

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