Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A flush of Aces

The Ace of Trees predicts a spark of energy, the ignition of a new passion. It is represented here by the Beech tree in flower - something that happens only every few years and sparks an explosion in the populations of rodents whilst also prompting birds like the kakapo to breed.

The Ace of Peaks predicts new challenges, the mind becoming sharper and clearer. It is represented here by the NZ Broom, a plant that spends most of its time being spiky and barren, until it blooms into life.

The Ace of Coins predicts luck, health or the birth of prosperity. Here it is represented by a daisy, growing in an otherwise barren and forboding environment, bringing life to a land where all seems sterile and desolate.

The Ace of Waves predicts a new love, a welling of emotion. It is represented here by the bladder kelp, a plant that provides habitat and protection for many fish, such as this juvenile butterfish.

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