Monday, February 27, 2012

Pages of Cuteness

So the Pages are totally adorable. I predict these ones will be traded quick as!

The Page of Waves is a Fur Seal. He is kind and sweet, but a bit of a daydreamer and it is hard to get him to focus.

The Page of Peaks is a Takahe. He is smart and curious, eager to know about the world and how everything works. It can be hard to shut him up.
(Takahes are maybe not the best bird to represent this - but look how cute he is!)

The Page of Coins is a Border Collie. He is industrious and hard-working - sometimes too serious for his own good. He is generous and good hearted, but prefers to work for some sort of reward.

The Page of Trees is a Tomtit - and if you think he's cute, check out the reference image. He is full of energy, to the point of being manic. He never stays still, never makes it easy for his parents to find him but his natural cuteness and charm mean that he is easily forgiven.

Now I have finished the court cards, it is time to start on the other cards. I shall make the Aces next, which will likely all feature flowers and then work my way up through the numbers. Suggestions are welcome.

If you wish to own one of these cards; these cards, excluding the cetaceans (King, Queen and Knight of Waves) are intended for trade at the AFA 2012 event in Portland, Oregon.

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Mary Walker Designs said...

awwww it's a shame the whole deck can't be the youngsters they are too cute.