Friday, February 17, 2012

These Four Kings...

For my NZ Naturally Tarot I have chosen to start with the Kings. Why? I'm not sure - partly because I needed lineart of a tui for my book and it kinda just spiralled from there.

Anyhow, these are the kings - you will notice also that I have changed the suit names to match their habitats.

The King of Waves is a Sperm Whale - the largest predator in the world. The suit of Waves replace Cups, which symbolise the element: water. He is powerful and protective of his family and friends - and liable to turn fierce if they are threatened.
I have no idea if these are traits found in male Sperm Whales, however.

The King of Trees is a tui. He is charasmatic and fun - a bit of a showman. Anyone who has visited Russell in Northland will agree that this personality matches the tui who is also a mimic and combines cell phones and car noises into his reportraire. Trees replace wands, which represent the suit of Fire. I know forests and fire do not exactly go together, but it is also the suit of artistic creativity.

The King of Peaks is a Tahr - a maned antelope-goat that lives in the high alpine regions. He is proud master of what he surveys, but keeps himself distant and approaches matters with a cool, clear head. Peaks replace Swords which represent the element of Air.
This is my second attempt at a tahr and I am still not really happy with it.

The King of Coins is a Hereford Bull. As you can see, he has a blue ribbon. He has worked hard to stay in charge of his herd, and in charge he shall stay. He is sensible and proud and stolid. Coins replace pentacles already in some tarots and represent the Element of Earth.

Next - the Queens. And maybe a playful knight.

These cards are being designed for trade at the AFA event 2012 in Portland, Oregon.

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