Saturday, November 8, 2014

Creature Feature #385: Kite

The name "Kite" refers to a number of predatory birds, belonging to the Family Accipitridae, the same Family as hawks and buzzards. There are numerous species, spread across thirteen Genera and split into two Subfamilies, colloquially referred to as "large Kites" and "small Kites". This Brahminy Kite is one from the "large" grouping. Typically, Kites are characterised by their light build, small head, long, narrow wings and along tail. In some species it is forked. Her flight is characterised by the angled wings, with which she can hover for lengthy periods of time. Her diet typically consists of insects, small vertebrate prey and carrion. She has been knowing to engage in mobbing attacks on her larger relatives, sometimes with fatal results.

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