Sunday, November 2, 2014

Creature Feature #379: Kingfisher

There are numerous species of Kingfisher, characterised by their colourful plumage, dagger-like bills, short tails and quick darting flight. He is a sit-and-wait predator, perching, watching and waiting for prey. His eyesight is excellent, but he has limited movement in the socket and frequently turns his head. His eyes also possess a nictitating membrane to cover them underwater, allowing him to keep them open. He is excellent at determining position underwater, compensating for refraction. Although they do eat fish, Kingfishers also feed on insects, small mammals. Many species of Kingfisher live some distance from water. Nests are a short tunnel, dug into a clay banks. Some pairs excavate their own, others use natural crevices, including termite mounds.

Do you know what the biggest kingfisher is? Well, you'll get to meet him within the next week or two.

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