Saturday, August 21, 2010

(Re-) Introducing Aroha!

I've a few more in my "NZ Naturally" series to upload - a Toroa, Mohua and a Whio but for the moment I would like to introduce to you my recently revived character.

Some 5 years ago now I decided it would be fun to write a chapter book for the 7-9 age group, with the main character being a cheeky little weka who got taken from her home and decided to walk back. I still intend to write that story, maybe for Nanowrimo this year (if a picture tells a thousand words, - 25,000 words + 25 pictures = 50,000 right?). But first I have plotted and sketched out the picture book explaination to her nickanme of "Stickybeak." You can see the teaser for it in my blog here.

The main character is a cheeky little weka who likes sweet food and shiny things. Her name is "Aroha", the Maori word meaning "love". But all who know her, call her "Stickybeak".

Here is the trading card I made of her way back in 2005 when she was first "conceived".

I still have this one in my personal collection!

And here is a postcard I drew of her this morning (I think I even used the same reference image - oops, that's google for you) - this one is going on a Grand Adventure to Colombia, in South America, where she will be living with a young boy and hopefully not lead him into mischief!

Hrm, I wondered where my last little chocolate fish had gone!

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