Friday, July 27, 2012

NZ Naturally Tarot: The Fives

 The Five of Coins, a pigeon with deformed feet blatantly ignores the scattered bread crumbs and his fellow flock feeding below.

You have suffered from a set-back - possibly injury or illness, or a monetary loss. You feel lost, alone andinsecure, but you must not overlook the people around you that can offer support.

For the Five of Trees, two bellbirds engage in a verbal joust.
Now is a time when you shall find yourself engaged in fierce competition with others as ambitious and determined as yourself.  You may suffer a blow to your pride. But now is not the time to retreat, it is time to come up with new, innovative solutions.

The Five of Wands are represented here by a pair of dotterels, their nest has been destroyed by a dirt bike. However, you will notice that they already have one chick and that the two remaining eggs were infertile. 
You have suffered a loss or a set-back, a disappointment. But you must not look too closely at what you have lost, but at what still remains.. Do not become too lost in negativity.

For the Five of Peaks, one pipit hoards the worms, guarding them from the other.
You may feel triumphant, but your success has come at the expense of others. This can lead to tension and hostility.

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Cindy D. said...

Just beautiful and wonderful with such vibrant color. I may have to break out my ancient set of Prismacolors, though I've been a Copics junkie for a while now. Love those two green birds particularly and soon they shall be mine. Hooray!