Friday, July 6, 2012

Kowaro, the Canterbury Mudfish

The Kowaro is a freshwater fish of New Zealand that is now limited to only 80 different habitats. It prefers slow moving or stagnant water. Once this may have been swamps and pools within boggy kahikatea forests, but now their habitats are widely fragmented and predation by eels and other fish makes some of their potential habitats unihabitable.

Alledgely they are brown in colour, but my reference looked more grey. I may have to add some more brown to this image. They also have less rays on their pelvic fins than I have drawn here. Don't you love it when you find out you've interpreted the image wrong?

Here's my first Art Doll. This was great fun to make and I think I might have to make more - she has ten parts to her, and can wriggle her ears!

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scott davidson said...

I pondered to myself recently what were the most important things in my life. The answer seems to be clear that art was up there in importance. Why? Frankly, I don't really know. May be someone here can enlighten me?
As was my wont w
hen I have some free time, I browsed the marvelous site,, where they keep thousands of digital images for customers to select to have printed into handsome canvas prints for their homes.
This image jumped out to jolt my reveries: Still life with bread, by the Cubist Georges Braque. Is art like this picture, as essential as bread and water, or should I say bread and wine?