Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finishing the Fours

The Four of Coins is a card that suggests hoarding, keeping one's wealth close to the body. This image represents this theme in two ways - firstly, because the mother mouse is protective of her four babies, and secondly because of the nature of her nest - she has been hoarding garbage - and four coins as well. Mice are something of a problem in New Zealand - they were not native here, but like any civilised country, they arrived with the civilisation. They compete with the native birds for food and could eat eggs or babies.
The four of Waves is a card about disatisfaction. This white faced heron is not happy with the three fish she's already caught - she is already eyeing up a fourth. She has more than she needs, but yet she is stuck in the routine and she does not know how to break free of it.

This is the second time I have drawn this image - the first one is somewhere in Louisiana. I foolishly neglected to scan the card before I took it to the US with me and traded it away. I believe this image is a better one, however.

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