Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nz Naturally Tarot - Fours

Well, half the fours.

The four of Waves currently resides somewhere in the southern USA. And I foolishly did not scan it first. So, I am trying to contact the new owner to ask her to please kindly scan it. Alas, she has not been online for over a week and I am afeared I may have to create it again. I am also needing to make the backs soon. Why? Because I have discovered a place that will print them: and I have a discount coupon for them, valid until the end of July. So time is tick-tick-ticking away. However, they cannot print the entire deck - their decks consist of 54 cards, so I only have three more to make to complete it.

Also, the Four of Trees is card #2999. Yup, since I started creating mail art in 2005, I have now created (almost) 3000 pieces. I feel that the 3000th should be something special. Any suggestions?

The Four of Peaks:  This is a time for reflection and meditation, a time to recuperate before finding a way back to themselves. Here it is represented by the alpine weta. And it may look dead - frozen in the ice, but the alpine weta has this amazing ability to be completely frozen and then defrost and "come back to life" so to speak.
 You can watch video footage of it here

The Four of Trees: This is a card of completion - but not of final completion, but that of setting up the foundations for greater things. Such as marriage, or as these two kakariki are experiencing, the creation of a new bond that will lead to much more. But be wary, for there is still much work to be done!

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