Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Endangered July

I read this thread on DeviantArt yesterday and it got me to thinking - I should do that too! Alas, I had already missed the 1st July and was still not feeling up to achieving much on the 2nd (not sure if it is jetlag or the fact it gets darker earlier here), so I chose to begin today. Therefore, I shall conclude on the 2nd August.

Esentially - like WhiteTippedWaves, I am going to create an ACEO/ATC every day featuring a different endangered animal. Probably tending towards my "no lines, animal with food" style.

Here's Day One:

The Sea Otter, found on the Pacific coast of the USA. And what a delightfully plump beastie he is too! The smallest marine animal, but also the heaviest species of otter. His diet consists of crustaceans, shellfish, fish and sea anenomes. He is one of the few animals that use tools, and carries his favourite rock in a pouch of skin under his armpit. This pouch (or the one of the other side) is also used to store shellfish while he brings it to the surface. He is the only marine mammal that uses his feet to forage - or to be precise, his hands. And he rarely comes ashore, wrapping himself in kelp when he wishes to sleep to avoid being swept out to see. Isn't he wonderful?

And here's me (with Tiriki) wearing an awesome T-shirt I bought from the Oregon Aquarium in Newport - where I got to see these rather large wee fellows in fairly close quarters. Golly, they're plump! 

So, suggestions on what animal I should draw tomorrow? It must be endangered!

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