Saturday, August 11, 2012

NZ Naturally Tarot: Sixes and publishing news

The good news is, it will be printed! I have found a website - The Game Crafter - that will print games in an on demand manner. Therefore, I shall be printing the Nz Naturally Tarot as Poker cards (ATC sized), this is because of the size of the originals - so stretch it into the shape of the regular tarot cards leaves too much dead space. Price should not be too high. It only costs me 9c a card for the Poker cards - instead of 19 cents (for the tarot) with the box being around $2.39. This comes to a cost of around $10 to make, so I will probably sell them for $14.99 (TGC takes a cut of the sale too). I am wondering if there are some fun bonus cards I can add. The box will hold up to 90 cards.

I have devised photographic borders in different colours to make it easy to differentiate between the suits and the major arcana.

Here is a sample:

Background photos are waves for the Waves suit, ferns for the Trees suit, clouds for the Peaks suit (suit of air) and coins for the Coins suit. Feathers for the Major arcana. Card back is cut from a photograph and mirrored in four directions to make it completely symmetrical.

And now for the Sixes:

Six of Coins - A good time to be generous with your wealth - as this pampered pussycat allows two wild hedgehogs to feed from his bowl. (Image on right is revised version for deck, but is an act of cut and paste)
Six of Peaks - the Mountain Ringlet Butterfly is escaping the web and leaving turbulance and turmoil behind.

(I was experimenting with hand drawn borders here, for the print run, but decided to go for photographs insetad).

Six of Trees - This jeweled gecko enjoys his place in the sun as he celebrates his "victory" over the dragonfly.
Six of Waves - two young shags share an innocent game of Tug over a squid (poor squid!).

I have started on the Sevens now and thus only have 14 cards left until I finish the whole deck!


Lauren said...

Congratulations on finding a publishing company. the sixes look great.

Starbreeze said...

Hi there, I very much would like to order your tarot deck, but every time I go to the game site that sells it my computer freezes. Help!!!

LemurKat said...

Starbreeze - Might be something to do with firewalls or script blocking?
It is not cost effective for me to post outside of New Zealand from my current stock on hand, but if you wanted to pay me instead of the Game Crafter I could get a box sent your way directly from them.


PS: contact me privately via my email -