Friday, August 24, 2012

NZ Naturally: The Sevens

 The Seven of Coins is represented here by a starling and her brood. She now has to make the decision on whether to concentrate on her three ugly chicks, or to let the other four eggs hatch as well and risk the stress and rigors of raising seven offspring. Also, her nest is made out of garbage - in case you couldn't tell.

 On the Seven of Peaks, the Blue Duck (Whio) is engaged in an exercise of futility as she tries to swim against the fast flowing current.

 The Seven of Trees is represented by a Morepork. However, it is a card of defiance and holding victory against competitiors and thus I intend to draw this card again. With a pair of robins mobbing the owl.

And the Seven of Waves - my favourite of my minor arcana to date. This colourful card represents choices and fantasies - represented by the critters found in rockpools around the coast. Some might be a tasty snack, others might pack a nasty nip or sting. So make your choices wisely.

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Mary Walker Designs said...

As you complete this set I can see more details going into them. They are lovely.