Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aroha's Grand Adventure - covers

Editting is well underway - I'm up to Chapter five or so and as long as I don't go back and keep changing stuff... Anyway, I'm rewriting some of the passages in "show, not tell", taking out some of my unnecessary adverbs and adjectives and trying to make the prose more concise. Also ironing out spelling mistakes and grammatical issues. Planned release date is April 1st, just because I think Aroha would appreciate her book becoming available on April Fool's Day.

Here's three mock-ups of the cover, using the styles as provided by CreateSpace. Currently the vote seems to tend towards ApplePie although some have said the Roman Splendor has more lasting quality. The middle one needs to be enlarged so you can see the horrible shadow effect. Shadows should apparently never be used. Alas, it looked best in the back blurb.

And here's Aroha and some friends:

Aroha the weka is curious and smart. She also has a taste for human food. One day her tummy leads her into trouble and she is snatched from her home in Grey. Carried across the country, she finds herself lost, alone and far from home. What is one young weka to do? Follow her instincts and find her way back, of course. Her journey takes her through farmland and swamp, across rivers and mountains. Many challenges and danger await her, but with courage, determination and a bit of luck, one weka can go a long way.

Aroha also has her own Facebook fanpage now.

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