Monday, November 30, 2009

The Great Chimerathon! DAY 2


To celebrate the completion of my Creating Chimerical Critters Tutorial and to fill in what would otherwise be a quiet weekend (Tim's away, so my muse can play, although she should also do some housework) I have made a idle boast:

I do not believe that there are any two animals I cannot hybridise.

Now entering Day Two. Yesterday I completed a grand total of NINE weird Chimerical Critters. Today I am working on at least a dozen. Yesterday I also cooked and weeded the garden, today it is miserable and wet and thus I have every excuse to stay indoors and draw.

Wild boar + Turtle + Woolly MammothVelociraptor + Sugar Glider
Venus Flytrap + Mantis + Squid
Camel + Flamingo
Meerkat + Giraffe + Violet
Coelacanth + mouse lemur + death's head moth
English bulldog + Sunflower + Rockhopper Penguin

Tasmanian devil + crocodile + zebra

alligator + wild boar + rattlesnakeDung Beetle + Cherry Shrimp

And Suggestions for later in the week if I feel so inclined:
Phoenix + Panda + Dragon
Pig + Turkey + Cranberries (The Thanksgiving chimera)
Lion + Fantailed Goldfish

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