Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chimera Challenge - the Conclusion

DAY THREE etc...

To celebrate the completion of my Creating Chimerical Critters Tutorial and to fill in what would otherwise be a quiet weekend (Tim's away, so my muse can play, although she should also do some housework) I have made a idle boast:

I do not believe that there are any two animals I cannot hybridise.

As there were only three suggestions I had not completed, I thought I had better in the off-chance that someone thought I would not be able to do them.

So here are the final three:

Pig + Turkey + Cranberries
Parakeet (horned) + Kangaroo Rat + Rattlesnake
And my most popular (According to the poll that has now been running for 5 days):

Panda + Asian Dragon + Phoenix

Ironcially, thisi s the one I almost didn't do. not because I couldn't (As you can see, I could!) but because the asian dragons are so complicated on their own so as to pratically BE chimeras. I decided not to include all the frills (horns, whiskers etc) however, or it would confuse matters.

Also, for Julie who has been a HUGE heklp and support (and joined in my Chimera challenge), this handsome fellow:

Lion + Fantailed Goldfish
He WILL be coloured in and posted out to her.

These may be available as a colouring book in the not-too-distant future.

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