Monday, December 7, 2009

More Insipid Art Cards

I'm struggling my way through these Winter PAT cards. It's not that the themes aren't interesting, it's that my motivation is at an all time low.

A Halcyon, the legendary bird who becalms the raging sea. Admittedly usually in winter, when it is nesting. This one needs some more work, I think. Maybe a bit more texture added to the ocean? This theme was "Weather Spirit".

Baby Cthulhu, for the theme "Cute Cthulhu". TheMuppet, whom selected the theme, seems to like the card but I can't help but feel afraid about what the Old One himself might think... I suppose nightmares and madness, here I come!

And keeping with the dark and gothic and the old horror writers, this piece was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Black Cat". Here the one eyed feline casually mocks the narrator. the brick wall and the silhouette also have significance in the tale, even if they do not necessarily all fit int he same scene like this.

A whimsical Steam train, which I am sure Veterok will hate. But at least I checked her profile page before I coloured it in whimsical colours too. This image was more-or-less derived from one I found on zazzle which I suppose goes to show how totally unoriginal I am.

Three left to complete - Mad Hatter, Pied Piper and Beatle/Beetle. They should all be fun enough and I have ideas for all of them, just have to find the oomph to do them.

My motivation is not aided, I expect, by the fact that it has now been two weeks since I posted my Secret Santa box of Goodness to Canada and it has not arrived. When I think of all the time and effort that went into what I put in it, it makes me feel sick and sad inside and wonder a little about what the point is in it all. I do have a back-up plan if it completely fails to arrive and has wound up in the hands of some unscrupulous art collector. But there were 35 Original ATCs in that package (along with a bunch of other goodies I'd acquired along the way). And the sad thing is, that since it was a Secret Santa, the lovely lass whom it was intended for is going to miss out on a special Christmas present from New Zealand this year :(

So, with that in mind, I believe I shall soon be taking a hiatus from the ATC creation, until my spark is restored. I still have to finish up some Chimeras for the lovely Skyjules (3), make my SparklePets (but they'll be fun)(3), complete the choose-a-theme (4 Aesops Fable postcards, 4 Totem ArtCards) and send my art into Russia, but after that I'm done.

Maybe I shall embark on my children's book.

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