Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bound for Latvia and Serbia

It was quite serendipitous how I met Nauris , a lovely fellow who is going to help me get my art into Latvia. You see, normally he sells his art, and thus he was sending messages out to some folks in the Ebay Group of ACEO Enthusiasts, and somehow he discovered my Facebook. I AM a member of ACEO Enthusiasts, as it turns out, although I haven't posted there since before my trip to Madagascar in 2007. Anyhow, he graciously agreed to do a trade with me, even though he usually sells, not collects.

So first up, here is a New Zealand themed card:

If your Totem is the Puriri Moth...
You are somewhat shy and keep rather to yourself. However, you believe in living life to the full, as tomorrow it may end, and will never turn down an opportunity when it comes your way.

(There's not really much to say about the Puriri Moth - it only lives for about a day once in moth form, as it has no feeding appendage. It is also the largest moth in New Zealand, found only in the North Island - which lead to much excitement the first time I saw one).

And the second card was inspired by his fantastic character "Mr Cat". Mr Cat gets up to all sorts of activities and seems to have a lot of fun, so it made me think - maybe I should draw my Miss Katta. So I rustled up a new Katta the Artist:

And to add more to my conquering of the Eastern Europe countries, I have also tracked down a lass in Serbia. the Owl Totem shown previous is destined for her doorstep, along with this pretty Poison Dart Treefrog I rustled up a couple of days ago:

And last but not least, although he's only travelling as far as Australia, is this delightfully colourful Himalayan Monal. I've been meaning to draw one for a while. Finally, I've gotten onto it!

And so concludes another Artful day!

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Purple Pony Art said...

Nauris is really a nice chap, I wish I had met him earlier!