Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Shadow in the Night

On silent wings, these two monstrosities make their way through the darkness. One, the Horned CatBat favours the dry deserts, where it hunts flying insects and the occasional small rodent. The other, the Moonaguar, flies on silent wings through the lush and verdant rainforests, preying on sleeping birds and pouncing on nocturnal mammals.

Horned Lizard + Tabby Cat + Fruit Bat
Madagascar Moon Moth + Jaguar
Two more chimerical hybrid ATCs.

Prismacolors and polychromos pencils, with some gel pens and fineliners for emphasis.

This Black horse (with a white mane, a rare but sometime occurance), is going to trot her way into Russia! She's clearly a prize winner already. Although I'm not sure what a blue and red ribbon means.

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