Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Writing is on the Wall

One of my friends, who lives in Bahrain, recently returned home to New Zealand to have her baby. A gorgeous wee girl called Zoe. Thus this piece fills two purposes - one it gives a bright and colourful wall-hanging for a lovely wee lass and two, it helps me get my art into another country of the Middle East. The materials used was tombow markers and fineliner pens on oilpaint paper. With its thick weave, this paper does not hold colour very well and often I end up with murky results, however I bought it and I need to use it, so I have tried to find the best way to work with it. Pencils do not work well on the weave, but brush markers fill in the lowered spaces quite neatly.

Zebra ... Octopus ... Emu

My fiance commented that I should work on more large pieces, and he's probably right. When I have completed my current list of ATC trades, I shall devote more time to larger pieces such as this.

I might even make similar Animal Letter charts to request - provided the child's name is 5 letters or less!

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Jenn Klee said...

Very cool! How big are these?