Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Great Chimarathon!

To celebrate the completion of my Creating Chimerical Critters Tutorial and to fill in what would otherwise be a quiet weekend (Tim's away, so my muse can play, although she should also do some housework) I have made a idle boast:

I do not believe that there are any two animals I cannot hybridise.

This weekend, starting tomorrow, I shall be embaring upon a Chimerathon - mainly sketches, although some may make it into completed ATCs in the not-to-distant future.

And you're welcome to participate. There are two ways in which you can do this:

1. You can throw me your wildest suggestions. No more than two-three animals please. And flora is acceptable too. I shall sketch up the most interesting combinations. If you come up with something that I just CANNOT draw, I shall send you some art prints or something equally nifty.

All flora/fauna MUST exist and I must be able to find photographic references of it! Extinct and prehistoric animals permitted.

2. You can join me! You can make sketches too! If you want help conceptualising your chimeras or want more information on what the heck they are, check out my tutorial:

Here's what has been done so far (images will be uploaded regularly throughout the day)

Axolotyl + Hippopotamus
Quetzal + Octopus
Apaloosa + fancy goldfish + Carolina Parakeet

Labrodite + Peacock + Dahlia
T-Rex + Mouse + Porcupine
Elephant Seal + Condor
Hedgehog + Mongoose + Dragonfly
Giraffe + Peacock
Leafy Sea Dragon + Capybara + Red Disa Other Suggestions:
velociraptor + sugar glider (proving a conceptual challenge)
camel + flamingo
wild boar + turtle + woolly mammoth (also something of a challenge)
meerkat + giraffe + violet
Dung Beetle + Cherry Shrimp
Coelacanth + mouse lemur + death's head moth
English bulldog + sunflower + rock hopper penguin
Tasmanian devil + crocodile + zebra

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Jenn Klee said...

Wow! you rocked this; the quetzal+octopus is just extraordinary. Great job!!