Sunday, December 29, 2013

Creature Feature #74: Bittern

The last of the Bs, the Bittern has been included because I have had to move the Babakoto from the "B" volume into the "IJ" volume, to help bring up the numbers. Who would have thought - there are far more animals beginning with "B" than there are I and J combined.
Suggestions for I or J animals will be graciously accepted. I am also quite low on animals beginning with "E".

The cryptically coloured Bittern clan belong to the Heron Family. She is the shy cousin, her colours affording her great camouflage amongst her marshy home. She is most active at dawn and dusk, stabbing the shallow, muddy water for fish, frogs, reptiles and invertebrates. If danger threatens, she will freeze with her beak arched to the sky in the hope of being mistaken for a tree branch or stump. To attract a mate, the male Bittern emits a low, loud booming call that can carry for several kilometres.

This is the last Animal-a-Day for 2013. We shall resume again on January the 1st with the Cs.
Please continue to send through any suggestions or requests for future Creature Features.

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