Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Postcrossing Madness and an Armageddon Update

Well, Armageddon went okay. I didn't make a fortune, but in the time I was there I made back the money I had invested in it and a wee bit of profit. I sold only four original artcards - much of the rest was sketches and a few of my prints. And most of it went to one couple, but that's okay ^^

Consequently, I still have a bunch of Chimera to trade. The ones that sold were the flea/elephant/crab, the gecko/tiger/monarch and the venus flytrap/mantis/squid. So if you are interested in any of the other ones, note me for a trade.

I am also addictively trading postcards on Postcrossing and recently received a lass in Estonia to send to. She collects communication related postcards, and although her profile lists that she prefers not handmade, I went and made one anyway.

She may well hate it, but... I have hunted high and low for any actual postcards in that theme but to no avail.

It is called "Kereru Post"

I also now have contacts in: Costa Rica, Belarus and Romania to write to.

And I have received these ones:

From Germany

From Ukraine

From Taiwan

From Finland

From Finland

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katilady said...

i would love to trade for one of your chimeras!