Friday, March 12, 2010

A couple more New Zealanders and an Arctic friend

Another Whimsical Owl. She is winging her way to the US of A as we speak. She is a Snowy Owl. Found in the far North, of the Arctic Circle, Europe/Russia and Canada/Alaska, I believe.

Gollum Galaxias, a species of Whitebait. This bright wee fellow was named "gollum" after he was discovered in swamps in Stewart Island. And of course for his bugged eyes. He was thought to have a very limited range, but has since been discovered lurking in the waterways and swamps of the Catlins, Southland and even as far north as one Dunedin river.

The Whio, or Blue Duck, is an endemic New Zealander. She lives in the mountains, making her home on fast flowing rivers. Her call is a whistling "whiiiiiiioooo" - hence her name. She forages beneath rocks for invertebrates and scrapes off the algae. The black fleshy lump on the underside of the bill protects it from damage during her feeding.

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LuvLoz said...

Love the duck and her little babies!