Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gruesomely cute.

Little is it known that there are four very fierce creatures lurking out there, luring their prey with their outstanding adorability.

They are:
Fennec Fox - a fierce hunter of the desert nights.
Red Panda - a cute and cuddly critter with a taste for human eyeballs
Tarsier - descends in swarms to rip its prey apart
Meerkat - don't pat! This animal has teeth like razors - "The Pirahna of the Savannah"

For the Evil but Cute swap. Animal facts are not real.

And here's a couple of "dud" cards I made whilst trying to get this theme portrayed correctly:

These two were too small, looked odd and the colour bled somewhat into the inking. So they are now in my "rejects" pile.

And hyena grin - I thought I would draw cute animals with bad rep, but whilst she is not a bad rendition of one of these not-quite-noble beasts, she seemed a bit blah for the theme of the swap. I call this piece "Hyena Grin"

She is available for trade.

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