Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christchurch, the Garden City

Welcome to my hometown, Christchurch. Where I have lived over half my life. It is a flat city, built on what was once the Canterbury Plains. In the distance to the east, the Port Hills form a natural barrier. They are the remnants of a now dormant volcano, its crater of which has become Lyttelton Harbour. The central city is represented by the cathedral, a fine and elaborate example of English architecture now sadly shadowed by skyscrapers (small by Honolulu standards though) and surrounded by a sea of flat white tiles that mark out Cathedral Square. Around the city centre trundles a number of restored trams, carrying visitors to the Art Centre, the Museum or just on a regular old tiki-tour. The Avon river cuts through the center, providing a pleasant picnic spot and also home to the hundreds of Paradise shelducks that have now taken up residence here. Once a scarce sight, they now dominate the waterways and are really rather vicious to the other ducks. But, at least they're native! The female has the white head, in case you're curious. And occasionally, you'll find examples of Maori art, like the totem pole, rising from the little parks about the river.

This is my city, and I hope you enjoy my art.

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