Monday, March 8, 2010

Aotearoa Map Card

Okay, I'm officially addicted to Postcrossing. It's going to help me get my art into at least another dozen countries (I'm currently on 45). Now my first lot of postcards sent are getting registered, I'm actively hunting down people in interesting countries and offering to send them stuff. This one is for a fellow in Bulgaria.

He collects Map Cards, so I decided it was high time I made one. The actual map was printed off a website very lightly to get proportions correct. Everything else has natural, cultural or architectual NZ values.

Featured are:
Buzzy Bee - popular children's toy, first made in 1948.
Pavlova - meringue dessert named after a ballerina. NOT invented in Australia. Despite what THEY say.
Tuatara - ancient reptile that has been unchanged for Millenium
Greenstone Tiki - maori carving
Cabbage Tree - native plant with irritating leaves (don't decompose and can't go in compost)
Chocolate fish - yummy snack
Maori Pa - Traditional meeting house
Bone Fishhook - Maori jewelery - it is placed next to Hawkes Bay because that's said to be the fish hook that caught Maui's fish (the North Island)
Beehive - our Parliamentary Building, In Wellington.
Kina - dead sea creature
Kiwi - very weird and unique bird
Silver Fern and Koru - natural AND cultura significance.

I will likely be using prints of this to decorate greeting cards etc when I post out stuff as well.

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