Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Owls of Whimsy

It was a bit of a spur-of-a-moment decision to join the "Whimsical Owls" swap on AFA. With the deadline being the 1st of March, I knew it was cutting it a bit fine, and that if I didn't get them done by the weekend they would never make it on time. But it was so tempting as there were so many nice owls turning up in the gallery. So I thought "what the heck, I can do this!" And thus begun.

Five and a half hours later, and my last owl is done. They're not really that whimsical (except perhaps that Elf Owl) - although I tried for exaggerated cuteness and colour - besides all my art looks kinda whimsical anyhow. And certainly the swirly tree branches help. Anyhow, I decided on four different species - Eagle, Barn, Whiskered Owlet and Elf. My favourites are the Eagle and the Elf. The other two aren't too bad, but the wee whiskered owlet is a bit on the small size.

Now to start on those overdue personalised swaps!

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Mrs. Dude said...

I love these so so so much!