Monday, February 15, 2010

The big and the small

This proud and handsome fellow is making his way to the US now, to join a herd of 17 other Elephant ATCs. Eventually, its numbers will swell to over 40. If you wish to help Donna complete her collection, let her know! She's does fun, colourful art.

I am particularly proud of this chap because he looks almost like he is painted, when he is in fact coloured using prisma pencils, with a brush over from a light beige tombow marker. Elephant trunks are very nifty and versatile indeed.

And this rather smaller, colourful fellow is an Egg-Laying Skink of New Zealand. A foolish name, you might say - and you would be right - for it is true that many skinks lay eggs. Not in NZ though. Here our skinks retain their eggs inside themselves until they hatch. Except for this species. Which is also semi-aquatic and likes to swim in tidal pools.


LuvLoz said...

I LOVE the elephant. The texture of the skin is great, love the little hairs on the trunk.

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh my goodness that Elephant card is fantastic! Such detail and a sweetness to it...Donna will LOVE it for certain!

Momo said...

The elephant card is simply amazing. Love the warmth conveyed in it.

Anonymous said...
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