Monday, February 1, 2010

Mutant Making Madness!

Here are a few coloured up from my Chimerathon for Papermoon's most excellent Chimera swap.

These were intially challenged upon me by various forum members, and then we voted on which three I should colour. I have now coloured the top #3 and then some!

* Asiatic Pandragoenix (Panda + Asiatic Dragon + Phoenix) Suggested by DonnaCR This one came 2nd in the poll

* Disapybaragon (Red Disa +Capybara + Seadragon) Suggested by Ibus
Third in the poll

* Albino Hippolotl (Hippoptamus + Axolotl) Suggested by Amii at work
This one came in around the middle.

* Sugaraptor (Sugarglider + Velociraptor) Suggested by Akkhima
One of only two pieces to receive aboslutely NO votes, and I can't understand why! Oddly enough, its companion at the bottom was also part dinosaur)

And now the two made specifically for Papermoon:

* Quetzalopus (Quetzal + Octopus) Suggested by JKlee and 4th in the Poll. This one was uploaded to AFA yesterday and has already become one of my most commented upon pieces.

* Deathshead Lemurcanth (Deathshead Moth + Mouse Lemur + Coelacanth) Suggested by Chazz J. This one also came low in the poll and is not one of my favourite pieces, but she chose it, so I coloured it, and I think he came out okay in the end!

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