Friday, February 12, 2010

Art for Ylangylang

Tonight I chose to get another one of my ATC trades done. The trader in this case was YlangYlang, aka Cananga Oderata of Deviantart. As you can see she is a very talented artist indeed.

This is her "Cacao Frog" character. First I drew the one on the right, but wasn't too happy with it, so the one on the left was rustled up n the back - making my first properly double-sided ATC in years.

And this is Jeremy Anathol, a coloufrul and flamboyant parrot with a taste for shiny things. Because I made him red, and scanners don't work well with red (or mine never have), he looks a little garish, but I think I did a good job with the pose and the movement in this piece.