Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cultural Brides

It's been a while and I'm sorry. You see, I have discovered Postcrossing and it is highly addictive. I have already signed up and sent postcards to Germany, Russia, Finland and the United Kingdom and now I have one left to send to Malayasia. Possibly tomorrow. And I've found someone to post to in Hungary (she gets a handmade one as I haven't conquered Hungary yet).

Anyhow, I joined the "bride" swap - for ATCs, not brides, alas. Or perhaps that's a good thing! I don't usually darw people, least of all brides, but the deadline was a week before my wedding so I thought it would make a nifty wedding surprise.

Then I got to thinking... What to draw?

Obviously ordinary women in wedding dresses was not quite quirky and offbeat enough for me. But I didn't really feel like drawing animals in gowns. That seemed a bit too... expected of me.

So instead, I typed "asian brides" into google.

You can guess what mean of the results were. But I also found some pictures, of actual traditional bridal outfits (although it heklped when I added "Traditional" to the keywords).

And here's what came out of my pencils:

Sri Lanka, Indian
China, Korea

The Chinese bride has since has a nose job so now she looks a bit better.

Oh and I also drew a geisha to go to Malta:

I'm still not great at drawing people, but they do make a nifty challenge and a bit of a different addition to my artistic galleries.

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