Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Creature Feature #130: Coua

Coua are found exclusively in Madagascar and are members of the Cuckoo Family. Terrestrial in nature; she forages in  the leaf litter and foliage for berries, insects, fruit and the occasional lizard or chameleon. With nine extant species, species - like this Crested Coua - have colonised the dry forests of the west whereas other species can be found in the humid rainforests of the east. These secretive birds are usually found alone or in pairs. The name is derived from their call - "ko-a". Coua build their own nest, hiding it in a tree or bush. Chicks display a pattern on the inside of their beaks, obvious when they gape for food. These markings - resembling crudely drawn eyes and mouth - are fluorescent and make it easier for the mother to find their mouth in the darkness of their nest.

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