Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creature Feature #111: Coati

The Coati belongs to the Procyanide family, making her cousin to the racoon. Like the racoon, she is an ominvore, following a diet of insects and small vertebrates. Her long, flexible snout is a useful tool for scenting and unearthing (with the help of her strong paws) tasty morsels from the forest floor. She is sociable, travelling in a large group, called  a "band", with other females and their cubs. The males follow a more solitary existence. Her long, striped tail balances her as she walks along tree branches foraging for food and also to communicate with her fellow band members when they forage on the ground. Coati are diurnal and quite bold, they can be found foraging around human campsites. At night they retreat up into the trees to sleep.

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