Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My first (and probably last) World of Warcraft Commission

Commissioned by a friend of mine as a random gift for a friend of his.

Disclaimer: I have never played World of Warcraft and any thing I have rendered wrong is entirely due to my ignorance and not spending enough time researching the "gear" on the 'net.

Commission was for the character - a gnome mage, fishing with otters. I was giving references of gnome mages, the character, and how fishing looks on WoW. I was not, alas given references for the otters and only found the WoW style otters after I had inked them in. Man, the WoW critters are cute! I based the background on a New Zealand swamp forest.

I hope the intended recepient likes it.
(And isn't also a secret watcher of my blog, but that seems highly unlikely).

Based on my current commission rates, for a piece like this I would normally charge NZ$36 
(6x4 inches, 1 main character + 2 additional chars + complex background).
Just in case anyone is thinking of commissioning me.

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