Saturday, October 19, 2013

Creature Feature #4 - Accentor

The Accentor is a Family of passerine, endemic to the Paleoarctic, that due to their drab colouration are easily overlooked. Those of you in New Zealand, we have them in our backyards - not this fellow, he's an Altai Accentor from the Himalayas - but the dunnock, or hedge sparrow, belongs to this illustrious group. They are not sparrows, or even particularly closely related, having long thin sharp bills which are used for the collection of insects in summer, supplemented with berries and seeds in winter.

Once again, I'm drawing an animal-a-day, working through the list alphabetically. This is an Art Card and can be traded or puchased for NZ$10. Note me if you are interested.

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