Friday, October 18, 2013

Creature Feature #3: Abalone

Abalone is the common name given to a selection of marine Gastropods, that is to say, sea snails. They are characterised by having low spiral shells, several open respiratory pores and are also extremely edible. Not only is their flesh considered something of a delicacy, but once you scrape off the harsh protective colouring, their shell has a nifty mother-of-pearl (nacre) inlay which is desirable for jewllery. This fellow is a Red Abalone (with exaggerated colouration), but a famous New Zealand species is the paua.

This is my third animal ATC working through the list alphabetically, and I am as yet undecided with what I wish to do with them. If anyone is interested in trading me for any of these cards, or purchasing them (NZ$10 each), please let me know. If you have a favourite animal that you would like to see included on my Creature Feature, please also drop me a line and I shall make sure I do not overlook it when I get to that letter.

Next feature will be feathery in nature.

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