Thursday, October 25, 2012

Colouring Pages

It has been drawn to my attention that there are not many interesting things for people that are experienced at colouring but not so confident with drawing to colour it (either digitally or traditionally). Therefore, It thought that I would share some lineart. Please feel free to print these off and colour any of these in, if you wish, but the characters represented here belong to me and you cannot claim them as your own characters. Also, if you do colour it and wish to post it somewhere, can you please credit the original lineart to Angela "LemurKat" Oliver and send me a link to it, so that I can see what you've done with it.

Organised from newest to old, so the ones at the top are better drawn in general!

Pippit and the dragonfly

In the Deep Dark Woods...

Victorian Wolf

The Amazon Rainforest

The Australian Rainforest

The Malaysian Rainforest

The Australian desert

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