Friday, October 5, 2012

An update, at last!

So, I call this my "daily art blog" but it has been rather a while since I blogged, has it not?

Well, I have been making art - but it is a rather larger piece than I normally make and also... I am somewhat sworn to secrecy. You see, I am preparing my entry for the Storylines Gavin Bishop award. and to receive the manuscript I am to illustrate, I had to sign a confidentiality clause, not to share the story with anyone. It said nothing about my art, but to avoid any issues, I'll keep those under wraps for now too. Needless to say, I have put hours and hours of work into making the full pages, and much time and energy on the storyboard.

But, today I finished it.


So, to celebrate, I drew a Dwarf Puffer atc for a trade with Kaila-Chan.
It is a little sobering to think that this may be the last ATC I make. But I doubt, somehow, that it will.

Cute wee fellow, isn't he?

In other news - my tarot cards have arrived - and they look pretty good. The colour is a bit dark in some of them, but it seems my printer is the only printer that ever entirely does my bright colours complete justice.

Here's a spread of them - you can try and read it if you like - goodness knows what it means with the Chaos card as the central one!

I'm quite impressed with the print quality. It isn't perfect, but it ain't bad either. If you are interested in a copy and live aboard, you can buy it here at the Game Crafter - if you live in NZ and don't want to pay a small fortune (US$17)  in postage, send me a message and I'll buy to order (expect 3-4 weeks for delivery). Using the powers of maths, I have determined the best unit cost comes if I order eight at a time.

I will be selling them for NZ$30 each (plus postage). They are currently US$20.00 (plus postage) on TGC.
I WILL NOT POST OVERSEAS. NZ international parcel post is really expensive.

For those of you that live internationally and want to buy it but have it signed - there is a card in there that is designed to be autographed. Find it, it's easy to spot, and post it to me and I'll sign it and return it to you.

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