Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Animal Faces

Here's something a little different.

Photographic ATCs!

Printed and mounted for the "Animal Face Photos" swap on AFA. I had to look through my archives for these.

* Ruffed Lemur (Perinet, Madagascar) 2007
* Cassowary (Daintree Zoo, Queensland) 2010
* Bush Stone-Curlew (Daintree Zoo) 2010
* Kookaburra (Rainforest Habitat, Port Douglas) 2010
* Kaka (Mount Bruce, New Zealand) 2008
* Crocodile (Daintree Zoo, Queensland) 2010
* Pelican (photographed in Wellington Zoo, but native to Queensland) 2008

I am also working on my latest Reading Group cards. If it stops raining this weekend (haha) then we shall be going on a sign-photographing expedition for another photography shot I am participating in. I have enough sign photos now - but most are from Hawaii and Queensland.

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sachin said...

beautiful pics.. animals also sometimes look beautiful.. :)